medical-2Polymer is a leading producer of precision plastic parts for an incredibly wide range of medical, scientific, and biotechnical applications. Our parts are found in operating suites, hospital rooms, doctors’ offices, and laboratories worldwide.

medical-1We’ve manufactured, for example, many imaging and surgical system components and assemblies, arthroscopic probes, vaginal ultrasound probes, angioplasty hemopumps, centrifugal elutriation devices, chemistry analysis equipment, DNA sequencing system components, implantable magnetic spinal sensors, anatomically correct training aids, surgical blood reservoirs, equipment stands and control panel housings, hand-held units of all types, and disposables for laser hair removal.

Polymer partners with customers from product definition through the complete product life cycle. Our engineers help you achieve your aesthetic and functional requirements. Since we offer machining, Liquid Resin Casting™, and injection molding, we can optimize manufacturability and cost to produce.

Polymer has extensive materials knowledge and a wide range of standard and custom formulations to meet specific performance requirements. Couple that with our engineering capabilities and our multiple manufacturing processes and chances are we can solve your application challenge:


  • Various autoclavable, chemical- and flame-resistant, MRI-transparent, X-ray absorbing and bio-compatible materials
  • Designs without parting lines to avoid surface contamination
  • Intricate internal passageways and complex interior geometries. Varying wall thicknesses.
  • Gloss surfaces and highly textured surfaces
  • Delicate encapsulations
  • RFI/EMI shielded parts
  • Custom colors cast or molded in or painted on
  • Multi-material parts, such as handles with soft grips and parts with windows
  • Clean-room parts
  • Parts ranging in size from fractions of an inch to five feet or more
  • Parts with annual volumes in the hundreds to hundreds of thousands.

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