Metal parts hate water. Frequently plastic is the answer. For more than four decades, Polymer has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance, difficult-to-produce plastic parts and assemblies for surface, underwater and deep-sea use. Parts big and small, we make them all. Our parts are tough, lightweight, don’t corrode or rust, and can meet a wide variety of mission-specific performance requirements. They are found in numerous marine science, oceanographic, environmental, defense, safety, drilling, diving and construction applications.

Polymer has extensive knowledge of materials for marine use and has custom-formulated materials for increased buoyancy and weight reduction; for specific underwater signal reflection, transmission or attenuation characteristics; for undersea optical applications; and for outgas-free submarine/dive requirements. Our liquid resin casting process is ideal for many marine applications—thick walls for extreme depth pressures, no-leak windows and sensor zones, design freedom to reduce potential leak paths, low-cost tooling and fast time to first article. We often encapsulate delicate electronics, GPS modules, antennae and other critical components.

We offer innovative design assistance and extensive engineering support. We are ISO and ITAR registered and have substantial Mil-SPEC experience. We can provide pressure, leak, electrical and signal testing as well as assembly services.

Our highly experienced team makes things happen, responding rapidly to your needs, delivering defect-free parts when promised.

Deep Sea Encapsulated Antenna and Recovery Strobe

Underwater Acoustic Doppler Profiler

Castable Hydrographic Profiler

Underwater Mounted Instrument Protector

Underwater Rebreather