Polymer plastic parts save and protect Americans around the globe. Underwater, on the ground, in the air, and in outer space. For over 40 years we’ve produced parts and assemblies for mission-critical defense, security, and aerospace applications. Parts that have to work right—and do.

We, for example, have made parts for night vision systems, see-through-the-wall weapons, and personal locator beacons; assemblies for underwater rebreather units and diver-held imaging systems; nuclear submarine cabling; sensor assemblies and other parts for autonomous underwater vehicles; subassemblies for portable drug and explosives detection systems; airport baggage inspection system elements; early warning radar system modules; parts for aircraft ejection seats and cockpit oxygen regulation equipment; parts for missile systems; and components for deployable satellite antennae and solar panels. We also produce a wide variety of parts for commercial and general aviation applications.

Polymer’s range of processing capabilities, our extensive secondary capabilities, and our experience in managing complex defense projects provide you “one-stop” supplier solutions and assured project success. We are known for technical innovation, exceptionally rapid response to changing requirements, extreme attention to detail, uncompromising quality, and consistently meeting or beating schedule commitments. Polymer delivers.

Polymer has performed as a supplier directly to numerous government agencies and laboratories and also as supplier to leading defense/aerospace companies. Members of our senior management team have held high-level program management roles within the Federal government and with major aerospace companies. We have won multiple supplier-of-the-year and outstanding-performance awards.

Polymer is ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, and ITAR registered and has significant Mil-SPEC experience. We hold a FFL license and have a CAGE code.

Equipping Today’s Soldier

Explosives Trace Detection

Aircraft Storage Bin Hinge Set

Patriot Missile System Components

Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Target