Polymer has been making plastic components as well as tested assemblies for diverse fluid management applications for more than 40 years. Included are parts for fluid storage and movement, control, measurement, filtration, and heat transfer. We especially are known for demanding industrial pump solutions, fluid level and leak detection applications, tankless water heater elements, medical fluid reservoirs and filtration and elutriation devices, and residential and commercial plumbing parts.

Our skills in lost core molding and in molding magnets and bearings into tight tolerance positions are key in many pump applications. And our liquid resin casting process enables us to produce part geometries that are impossible with injection molding.

Polymer is known for fluid-management application expertise and for providing exceptional service, outstanding value, high quality, and continuing innovation. For many years, we have been a critical strategic supplier to industry-leading companies.

Tankless Water Heater

Chemical Process Pump and Components

Tubular Drainage Products

Angioplasty Hemopump

Fuel Dispensing System Components