Industrial Technologies

American industry, the engine of the world’s greatest economy, is fueled by technological innovation and investment in capital equipment. Polymer is proud to be part of these initiatives. Our precision parts are integral to critical equipment and systems in many industrial applications, including, for example:

  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Electrical power generation and distribution
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Factory automation and control
  • Construction equipment
  • Leading-edge transport systems
  • Product visioning, inspection, and contamination detection systems.

Our parts often endure severe operating environments and meet very stringent tolerance requirements. Our goal is zero defects, zero failures. Frequently our plastic parts replace metal components. Why plastic? It won’t rust or corrode, it can be as tough as or tougher than metal, and it can be much lighter than metal.

We provide substantial design assistance to help you select the right material and manufacturing process for your application. We are with you every step of the way from product conception forward.

Let the experts at Polymer go to work for you. We deliver. Call us now.