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Polymer Corporation, Polymer Liquid Resin Casting, PolyProto, or Polymer Machining
180 Pleasant Street
Rockland, MA 02370
Telephone: 781-871-4606
Fax: 781-871-5460
Polymer Injection Molding
One Third Street
Palmer, MA 01069
Telephone: 781-871-4606
Fax: 413-267-3658

If You Would Like to Send Us Product Design Files…
Polymer can accept product design files generated with most standard software (e.g., SolidWorks, Pro/E, Autodesk, and SDRC). We regularly accept, work with and maintain encrypted and secured files. To verify that your specific files are acceptable and to obtain file transfer instructions, contact your sales engineer or Polymer Customer Service at 781-871-4606.