Machining may be the production solution for you when you need fully functional parts fast, the part design still might change, and tolerances are tight. And some geometries only can be machined. Machined plastic parts require no tooling and can be produced in your material of choice. Since we can machine parts in the same material that you would use if you later switch to another high-volume part production process, you may avoid re-qualification issues down the road.

Most machinists focus on metals. We don’t. We’re plastics people. Machining plastics is tricky and not just anybody can do it well. Experience counts and Polymer has it.

Thermoset materials, thermoplastic materials, and exotic composites…we machine them all. We routinely machine Ultem, PEEK, Delrin, urethane, epoxies, and glass and carbon filled composites. We can machine virtually any material we cast or mold. And since we cast in house, any thermoset material can be machined in your chosen color. No need to paint!

With our full range of CNC machining and turning centers and ancillary equipment, we handle parts from well under an inch to over three feet in size. We achieve tolerances of ±0.001 or better. Part volumes can vary from less than 50 units in total to hundreds of thousands annually. We are pros at annealing for part stress relief, at contamination control, and bonding/laminations. We do in-house painting and decorating, screen and pad printing, heat staking and sonic welding, EMI/RFI shielding, polishing, engraving, serializing and specialized packaging.

Often assemblies manufactured by Polymer include machined parts plus cast and/or molded parts. You get one source, assured fit and color match, higher total system quality, and shortened inventory pipelines.