Case Studies

Polymer uses multiple processes to optimize customer solutions. Many customers use some combination of cast, molded, and machined parts for product assemblies. For example, Polymer produces 49 parts in 9 assemblies for a MRI system boot coil (29 cast, 14 molded, and 6 machined parts).


Customer advantages include:

  • Single supplier to manage (minimizes administrative costs, provides one supplier interface, allows single supplier quality audits)
  • Assures color match and that parts will fit when assembled
  • Improves overall system quality
  • Lowers overall cost and hassle to customer


Polymer is a leading producer of gunstocks and recoil pads for recreational firearms. We justifiably are known as the technological leader in the industry. Among our innovations have been:

  • Pioneer in overmolding soft grips and cheek pieces
  • High-quality, quick-turn tooling from our Asian facilities, changing the industry’s perception of foreign tooling and dramatically lowering tool cost
  • Novel material blends to reduce gun weight and improve strength and finish, while lowering cost
  • First stock producer to offer in-house camo dipping
  • A patented process for molding soft grips directly over camo-dipped stocks and fore ends
  • A proprietary velvet-soft clear finish which feels good in the hand, deadens sound, looks rich, and is extremely durable
  • Unique materials and designs to improve appearance, performance, and manufacturability of recoil pads for both synthetic and wood stocks


Polymer is a sole source-supplier to a major defense contractor for lightweight thermal imaging combat weapon sight components. The program initially had complex product requirements that shifted continually as sights went into production on an extremely tight schedule. Polymer met every challenge, received an outstanding performance commendation, became an approved corporate supplier, and then was selected for two other programs in multiple divisions. We were named “best supplier” on one.

Polymer now is a designated “preferred supplier” for plastics corporate-wide.



In April 2011, sophisticated autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV’s), remotely controlled from the surface, located the wreckage of Air France flight 447, resting 13,000 feet (2½ miles) down in the Atlantic off the coast of Brazil. The depth pressure there was 400 atmospheres. This was an astounding technical feat. Polymer plastic parts were critical to that success.



aircraft cabin

Polymer Corporation makes many different parts for commercial and private jet cabins. Overhead-luggage-bin and passenger-lighting-console components, window bezels, seat components, lavatory toilet seats, and more. Original equipment and aftermarket. These parts are made to demanding specifications and comply with stringent FAA requirements.