We work with customers through the complete part life cycle, from design conception until the product is discontinued. Our PolyProto™ services can be a lifesaver at the onset of a program. The emphasis is on speed, getting prototype parts into your hands super fast. We make rapid prototypes to demonstrate form and function using the latest additive manufacturing technologies and materials, and we also make fully functional ProtoParts™ in the same material you later will use in full production.

Polymer’s roots are in rapid prototyping. Our liquid resin casting process was used extensively for rapid prototyping well before the advent of stereolithograhy (SLA) and laser sintering (SLS) rapid prototyping. We started interacting with the developers of those technologies soon after their invention. We have been providing rapid prototyping services using SLA and SLS technologies and subsequent advances for over twenty years. As rapid prototyping technologies advance, Polymer uses the latest to give you the best possible solution for your needs—SLA, SLS, fused deposition modeling (FDM), 3D printing— and get parts to you fast. 1-4 day delivery!

No matter which rapid prototyping approach is employed, there are limited material selections as well as size, geometry, complexity, surface finish, and color limitations. Our engineering design support assures your needs will be met. We also offer hand finishing, painting and decorating services to meet specific requirements.

Rapid prototypes can demonstrate part form, fit, and appearance, but they typically do not fully meet production performance criteria. Our ProtoParts™, on the other hand, are fully functional parts that do meet your performance requirements in the same thermoset or thermoplastic material that later will be used in production. The emphasis is on very fast delivery of a small number of functional parts (typically 25 or less) with minimal or no tooling cost. Straight from your 3D model to finished parts in as little as 1-2 weeks. This could save your program! The ProtoPart™ service is especially attractive when the design still could change before volume production starts.