Outdoor Sports

Polymer produces synthetic (plastic) components for recreational firearm, crossbow, archery, and other outdoor sports applications. We are a leading producer of gunstocks and recoil pads. We also produce components for national security and law enforcement firearm applications.

outdoor-imgPolymer’s customers are a who’s who of the firearms industry. Among them are Browning, Savage, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm Ruger. These blue ribbon companies rely on us to provide exceptional service, outstanding value, high-quality, and industry advancing innovations; innovations which have resulted in lighter, stronger, and more stable stocks, new and improved recoil pads, and substantial tooling cost savings. We are widely recognized as the technological leader in the industry.

Unlike most molders who mold parts and take your money, we are gun enthusiasts ourselves and are actively involved in the industry. We hold an FFL license, are ISO and ITAR registered and have significant Mil-SPEC experience.

Polymer revolutionized the firearms industry by introducing in-house hydrographic decoration. Molding and decorating under the same roof provide huge savings in time, money and operating efficiencies. We shrank camo-part lead times from months to days!

When camo isn’t required, our proprietary ArmorSoft™ finish enhances the perceived value of a gunstock or gun part. It creates a velvet-soft clear finish, which feels good in the hand, deadens sound, looks rich, and is extremely durable.

We offer creative inventory management programs. We are partners, not mere suppliers. Our highly experienced, can-do team makes things happen. We pride ourselves on meeting or beating schedule commitments.

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